September is an awesome month: Week V

Honored and sad to announce my last show at Popeye's Garage in New Haven, Connecticut...and it's a good one!

Tuesday September 27 at Popeye's Garage
Chris Point
+ DJ set by Shaki

It's been an amazing ride but all things must pass and this too shall pass... after a few healthy seasons of some of the best in underground sounds, Popeye's Garage will be calling it quits after September. Yes, sad but true, October and beyond we will be Popeye's Garage-less. But this last week of shows is stellar and this one in particular has us very excited.

Female are a mindfuck but you'll keep coming back for more...

H. is our good friend from France. Existing somewhere in the noise/ambient/hypno realm, she's got some great tracks to be found here:

Colorguard melts your polar caps with some serious shredding, trust me, I've seen it happen before...

Chris Point is known for bringing people to the edge of sanity and moral reason with his harsh noise. Noise not music.

Popeye's Garage | 50 Goffe Street | New Haven, CT

September is an awesome month: Week IV

We hope you had a great week…this week is shaping up to be stellar:

Thursday September 22 at Popeye’s Garage
Gringo Star
The Mountain Movers

It’s been a lifetime since we last saw Gringo Star and the boys have been busy busy busy. They’ve recently signed with Gigantic Music and their latest release “Count Yer Lucky Stars” was produced by Ben Allen. Old school folks will remember their original band “A Fir-Ju Well” as they played New Haven countless times before playing as Gringo Star…these fellas are practically honorary Elm Citizens. They’ve got a catchy blend of southern fried psych rock, drenched in vocal harmonies and song hooks…you won’t resist!

Check out their new video:

The Mountain Movers are opening the show and let me tell you, we are extremely excited to see our old friends. See you Thursday!

Popeye’s Garage | 50 Goffe Street | New Haven, CT

We'd like to point out some sad news: Our good friend Jamie Saxton passed away last week, much too young, but he had to go. We will be CELEBRATING his life and the good times at a memorial service Tuesday September 20th at Toad's Place in New Haven, Connecticut. Sea Of Bones will play a set and Jim Martin of Broken will DJ. Here are some details:

This Tuesday September 20th at Toads Place in New Haven, CT
Memorial Service for Jamie Saxton
Sea Of Bones
DJ Jim Martin of Broken

Family, friends, and friends of friends are all welcome...we would love people to join us and celebrate his life.

Toad's Place | 300 York Street | New Haven, CT

September is an awesome month: Week II

It's a great month to be living in New Haven, Connecticut...

Friday September 9th at Elm Bar in New Haven, CT
Heavy Hands

It's been ages since Heavy Hands have brought their blend of psychedelic rock for Elm Citizens to ingest. This is your chance to flashback! Shaki Presents is very proud to bring our good buddies from NY to play everyone's favorite, the Elm Bar. They'll be here to hypnotize and mesmerize with their reverb and riffs. We are very excited for this show!

"On the fine Language of Stone vinyl LP SMOKE SIGNALS...this storming recording burns with the intensity of most live recordings and that’s the whole difference. Strangely, Heavy Hands’ musicians exhibit so few signs of any post-punk influences that it gives the LP a fetishistic nature, somewhat like hanging out with a lost airman from WW2 who never found out the war was over. Hey, that’s it; these druids sound like early ‘70s German or Danish rockers. No Grunge, no Stoner, nuthin’! Now, anything that spooky is worthy of investigation!"-Julian Cope

We are tremendously excited to announce this fine addition to an already stellar show: Sea Of Drones. Connected folks already know that other band, Sea of BONES and we are happy to debut an otherworldy side project from those go-to-guys-of-heavy. While SOBones might be the fellas to call when you need something pulverized, crushed, and ground to a fine dust, Sea Of Drones promise to fill the room with waves of sound to float on (instead of being crushed under). It is an absolute pleasure to bring these guys out for this great night. Don't miss it!

Elm Bar | 372 Elm Street | New Haven, CT