September is an awesome month: Week V

Honored and sad to announce my last show at Popeye's Garage in New Haven, Connecticut...and it's a good one!

Tuesday September 27 at Popeye's Garage
Chris Point
+ DJ set by Shaki

It's been an amazing ride but all things must pass and this too shall pass... after a few healthy seasons of some of the best in underground sounds, Popeye's Garage will be calling it quits after September. Yes, sad but true, October and beyond we will be Popeye's Garage-less. But this last week of shows is stellar and this one in particular has us very excited.

Female are a mindfuck but you'll keep coming back for more...

H. is our good friend from France. Existing somewhere in the noise/ambient/hypno realm, she's got some great tracks to be found here:

Colorguard melts your polar caps with some serious shredding, trust me, I've seen it happen before...

Chris Point is known for bringing people to the edge of sanity and moral reason with his harsh noise. Noise not music.

Popeye's Garage | 50 Goffe Street | New Haven, CT

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